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Project Participants
Millicent Adjei
B.A. in Social Economics, trained as a tax accountant, certified as a communications trainer, lecturer, instructor, and coach. Worked as a company personnel officer and management accountant. Co-founder and since 2009, president of the non-profit registered association Arca - Afrikanisches Bildungszentrum (African Education Center). Chairs workshops on diverse themes such as racism. Networks with political and activist initiatives, i.a. the Black Community and the Work Group HAMBURG POSTKOLONIAL.
Skrollan Alwert
studied Communication Design and Illustration at the University of Applied Sciences Armgartstraße in Hamburg. Works today as an independent film maker in Hamburg.
www.alwert-film.de (in German)
Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz
an award winning filmmaker and a native of St. Croix/US Virgin Islands. She has a Bachelor
of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in filmmaking from Antioch College, Ohio/USA. Johanna has gained national and international acclaim and recognition for her distinguished films, documentaries, and music videos.
Doro Carl
lives in Hamburg and works as an independent film maker and artist in Hamburg. Study of Visual Communication at the University for Visual Arts in Hamburg. Member of the Abbildungszentrum/Frise. Presently works as a freelance camerawoman and editor.  
do-ca.de (in German and English)
Jeannette Ehlers
visual artist from Denmark/Trinidad, based in Copenhagen. Graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2006. Among more Ehlers has exhibited in the Caribbean, USA, Canada, South Africa, Senegal, Korea, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, and Finland. Photography and video based works that explore changeable terms of meaning and identity. Creating imaginative stories, her pieces revolve around Denmark's role as a slaving nation, a historical chapter that is often forgotten, repressed and neglected in Denmark's historiography. jeannetteehlers.dk (in English)
Hannimari Jokinen
born in Finland, lives and works as a visual artist in Hamburg, curator of the project SANKOFA - Altona in the Caribbean, member of the Work Group HAMBURG POSTKOLONIAL. Projects, exhibitions, teaching, research and publication on the issues of migration, city space and postcolonial commemoration, i.a. www.wandsbektransformance.de (mostly in German)
Gerville R. Larsen
architect and artist who is a multi-generational Crucian from the island of St. Croix/US Virgin Islands. He has received awards in both disciplines and promotes preservation/conservation of the rich cultural resources of the Virgin Islands. He is an abstract and figure painter with recent work that readdresses the narrative of who built and shaped our colonial past and the relevance between person and place. He has a B.Arch from Cornell University, Ithaca/USA. 
Miriam Mandelkow
born in Amsterdam, lives in Altona/Hamburg. English and American Studies in Hamburg and the USA. Changed her professional activity many years ago from editing to literary translating. As a member of Weltlesebühne, strives to shed light on the feats of literature translators. Her most recently translated books are by David Vann, Elisa Albert, Richard Price, and NoViolet Bulawayo.
Jean-François Manicom
is the curator of the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool/UK. He holds a Master's Degree in Arts and Cultural Management from the IESA (Institute of Superior Arts), Paris. He worked as curator of the permanent collection of the Memorial ACTe in Guadeloupe/French West Indies, which is the first memorial site dedicated to the history of slavery and to the expression of contemporary Caribbean Art in the region. In 2015, he directed and curated the first Caribbean Festival of the Image that showcased the works of 41 contemporary artists from the Caribbean. With an expertise on photography, photographic archives and contemporary visual art, Jean-François has curated multiple exhibitions since 1998 that focused on the visual archives of slavery and its legacies in contemporary post-plantation societies, in France, in the Caribbean and in the UK. He is an internationally prized photographer, whose work questions the universal enigmas of our nowadays, in a world where multiple and fragmented pasts challenge our power to imagine new possible futures.
Monica Marin
a curator, artist, and educator from the US Virgin Islands. Studied Art History, Theory and Criticism and graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work and research addresses the structural history of colonialism and the ways in which coloniality is manifested today through tourism, environmental racism, and the privatization of public land. Current projects examine the missing African-Caribbean art history in the archive, and vernacular cultural expressions as a space of resistance, including Invisible Heritage community arts project, and Take 5 and Migrating Histories Performance Festivals with Carla Acevedo-Yates. Marin works for the Virgin Islands Government on activating restoration projects through arts & culture, and as an independent curator she helps to manage the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts artist in residency program and many of their exhibitions.
Joe Sam-Essandoh
born in Ghana, lives and works as a visual artist in Hamburg. Has worked during the last 25 years in silk screen, graphics, painting, mask objects, sculpturing, and photography. Participated in numerous exhibitions, teaches in art workshops.
Britt Somann-Jung
German and English studies as well as Philosophy in Hamburg and London. After working for marebuchverlag and the Ullstein Buchverlage publishers, was six years an editor for international literature at the S. Fisher Verlag publisher in Frankfurt. Has translated from English since 2014: among others Ta-Nehisi Coates, Heidi Julavits, Matt Sumell, and Elizabeth Gilbert.
Camille Elaine Thomas
born in Washington D.C., lives and works in Hamburg. Lecturer, poetess, actress, singer; over 40 years as a performer active. Business & English Teacher & Motivational Coach since 11 years. Actress & writer & performer of poetry: passionate reader since the age of seven.
Kathrin Treins
M.A. in African Studies, Geography and Dutch Philology in Cologne, chairs Kopfwelten e.V., active in the Work Group HAMBURG POSTKOLONIAL.
Annika Unterburg
a Hamburg based artist. Studied Fine Arts in the class of Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris
at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg as well as Illustration at the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. Exhibitions in India, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland. Lecturer at the Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, China, workshops on the issues of urban space and postcolonial commemoration with Hannimari Jokinen.

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September 2017
Sunday at the
Altonaer Museum
Su 09/17/2017
3 p.m.
Talk with the artist
Joe Sam-Essandoh and the curator
Hannimari Jokinen
(in German)
4 p.m.
Curating the Unspeakable:
The Case of Slavery lecture by Jean-François Manicom, artist and curator
at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool/UK
(in English)
space installation
exhibition opening
Joe Sam-Essandoh
Altonaer Museum
until 12/31/2017
Program in German language