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more links and sources in German language
Cooperation partners in Hamburg-Altona
Altonaer Museum
International Slavery Museum in Liverpool
Kunsthaus Hamburg
Stadtteilarchiv Ottensen/Geschichtswerkstatt für Altona
Buchhandlung Christiansen in Altona
3001 Kino
Stadtteilschule Eidelstedt
Newspaper article in taz Tageszeitung, 10th June 2017
Altona, gebaut aus Sklaven-Gold (in German)
Choice of culture projects for the Centennial commemoration 1917/2017
on the US Virgin Islands, in Denmark, Schleswig-Holstein, and the USA
(April 2017)
Virgin Islands Transfer Centennial
Overview of the events 2017
Mutual project of the Schifffahrtmuseum Flensburg and
the Holbaek Museum/Museum Vestsjaelland, Sønderjylland-Schleswig/Germany:
· Exhibition RUM, SCHWEISS & TRÄNEN Flensburgs koloniales Erbe (web site in German)
Schifffahrtsmuseum Flensburg, curator: Dr. Imani Tafari-Ama
· Vestsjaelland og Vestindien (web site in Danish)
permanent exhibition in the Holbaek Museum
Life in a Faraway Kingdom: Denmark and the 2017 Centennial
In Search of Identity. Arts and Culture Corridor, St. Thomas/USVI
Artist La Vaughn Belle
La Vaughn Belle
Art exhibition Ledgers From a Lost Kingdom, Meter Gallery, Copenhagen/DK
Art exhibition Invisible Heritage: Transfer 2017
The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts (CMCA), St. Croix/USVI
Art exhibition Chaney: Stories From Migrant Fragments
Art exhibition 100 Years of ... A Centennial Transfer Reflection
Bajo El Sol Gallery, St. John/USVI
Fireburn Queen by Jeanette Ehlers and La Vaughn Belle (pdf Danish)
Sculpture in urban space in front of the Vestindisk Pakhus, Copenhagen/DK
Exhibition Stop Slaveri! (web site in Danish)
Arbejdermuseet Kopenhagen, Copenhagen/DK
Project/symposium The West Indian Cultural Embassy
Ulla Lunn, Copenhagen/DK
In Search of Identity, Shared History and Identity, a collaborative project
between representatives from Denmark and the US Virgin Islands
School of Architecture - Anniversary Gift to the Former Danish West Indian Islands
A Collaborative Project Between Denmark and the USVI
St. Croix This Week
Three Busts of Freedom Fighters Travelling to Denmark
As Centennial Approaches, a Gift From the Virgin Islands to Denmark
St. John Tradewinds
Bajo El Sol Gallery to host reception for Danish curator
Archives and sources
Archives for Virgin Islands History
Dansk Rijksarkivet
Digitalization of archive documents
More than one kilometer of archival records from the colonial era now available to all
Dansk Rijksarkivet
Records of the Government of the Virgin Islands 1672-1957
Digitalisierung von umfangreichen Archivalien
Photo archive on Flickr
Dansk Rijksarkivet
The Danish West Indies - growing photo archive on Flickr
National Museum of Denmark
The Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library (CNDL)
Debate on an apology and reparations
U.S. Virgin Islands Reparations Movement (ACRRA)
African-Caribbean Reparations & Resettlement Alliance (ACRRA )
Transfer Day: Danish Prime Minister Says Slavery Is Unforgivable
Repeating Islands
Local residents say prime minister took an important first step
Virgin Islands Daily News
Enhedslisten wants Denmark to apologise for slave trade
Denmark struggles to come to grips with its slave past
49 Percent Of Danes Are In Favor Of Denmark Apology To Virgin Islands
"Indeed, I believe everybody should give an apology"
La Vaughn Belle, Artist from St. Croix to the Danes
The Black Gaze: Conversations on Danish Colonialism, Race and the Virgin Islands
Repeating Islands - News and commentary on Caribbean culture, literature, and the arts
Former USVI senator presents arguments for Danish reparations and apology
Slave trading past still haunts Norway
Danish Moravians Apologize For Slavery
St. Thomas Source
Choice of literature
Gisli Palsson: The Man Who Stole Himself. The Slave Odyssey of Hans Jonathan,
University of Chicago Press, 2016
Erik Gøbel: The Danish Slave Trade and Its Abolition, Studies in Global Slavery,
The Danish National Archives, 2016
Christian Degn: Die Schimmelmanns im atlantischen Dreieckshandel. Gewinn und Gewissen,
Karl Wachholtz, 1984
Catharina Lüden: Sklavenfahrt mit Seeleuten aus Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg und Lübeck im 18. Jahrhundert, Boyens & Co., Heide, 1983
Leif Svalesen: The Slave Ship "Fredensborg", Indiana University Press, 2000
Astrid Petersson: Zuckersiedergewerbe und Zuckerhandel in Hamburg im Zeitraum von 1814 bis 1834, Franz Steiner, 1998
Klaus Weber: Deutsche Kaufleute im Atlantikhandel 1680 - 1830, C.H. Beck, 2004
Grada Kilomba: Plantation Memories, Unrast, 2008
Slave Narrative von Harriet Jacobs: Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, 1861
Quobna Ottobah Cugoano: Thoughts an Sentiments on the Evil of Slavery and Commerce of Human Species, 1787/91
Olaudah Equiano: The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano or Gustavus Vassa the African, written by himselfm 1789

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September 2017
Sunday at the
Altonaer Museum
Su 09/17/2017
3 p.m.
Talk with the artist
Joe Sam-Essandoh and the curator
Hannimari Jokinen
(in German)
4 p.m.
Curating the Unspeakable:
The Case of Slavery lecture by Jean-François Manicom, artist and curator
at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool/UK
(in English)
space installation
exhibition opening
Joe Sam-Essandoh
Altonaer Museum
until 12/31/2017
Program in German language