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Artist Oceana: Performance For Gowie the Deceitful Fellow, in the Take 5 performance series, Frederiksted/
St. Croix/US Virgin Islands 2016, curated by Monica Marin and Carla Acevedo-Yates, produced by Alaina Simone,
photo: Sarene Brumant

Lecture/artist talk (English)
Invisible Heritage: Transfer 2017
with Monica Marin, artist and curator
Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz, film maker
Gerville R. Larsen, artist and architect
St. Croix/US Virgin Islands
Mo 12th June 2017 7 p.m.
Kunsthaus Hamburg
Klosterwall 15
Free entrance
In dialog with participating artists Johanna Bermúdez-Ruiz and Gerville R. Larsen, curator Monica Marin will talk about her concept for the exhibition Invisible Heritage, presented this February in St. Croix, and now shown in Copenhagen. The exhibition addresses the ways in which the Caribbean vernacular culture reveals the marginalized narratives in the colonial history of the former Danish, today US Virgin Islands. The Danish perspective of the colonial narrative has been the primary focus, thereby creating blind spots that conceal the rich African Caribbean cultural contributions.
Virgin Islands Folk Arts, passed down from generations, have helped to tell a fuller story. The exhibition speaks to the resistance to colonialism, to the syncretism of European, African, and Caribbean creolized aesthetics. Cariso singers, Masqueraders, Bomboulah and Goombay dancers utilized their art forms to push back against systems of oppression. The project speaks to the creative power of making something out of nothing.
Using the 2017 Centennial of the "Transfer Day", the Invisible Heritage takes a critical look at the stories, events, and people that have been excluded. The project features contemporary artists from the region who have taken back the narrative. Through their "re-visions" the artists provoke questions: How can these new approaches be utilized to operate from the inside? How can the Virgin Islanders manifest their own destinies, reframe their past, and be in control of their future development? And, how can a critical perspective of Transfer used to Transform?

SANKOFA - ALTONA IN THE CARIBBEAN in cooperation with the Kunsthaus Hamburg


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September 2017
Sunday at the
Altonaer Museum
Su 09/17/2017
3 p.m.
Talk with the artist
Joe Sam-Essandoh and the curator
Hannimari Jokinen
(in German)
4 p.m.
Curating the Unspeakable:
The Case of Slavery lecture by Jean-François Manicom, artist and curator
at the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool/UK
(in English)
space installation
exhibition opening
Joe Sam-Essandoh
Altonaer Museum
until 12/31/2017
Program in German language